I'm Erika, a penny-wise mom full of fun and laughter. When I'm not chauffeuring my teenage son around town, or working, my heart belongs to travel and wine. 

As a single mom, I love galloping around the world, but it isn't easy. There is life, bills, and plenty of mommy duties. Then travel isn't cheap, but I found, you do not have to be wealthy to travel the world.


Therefore, I became a woman on a mission to find ways to travel well inexpensively. Sharing my knowledge with others to do the same without sacrificing their life in doing so. 


My mantra, “Travel by Deals Not By Destinations.” Doing so has awarded me the opportunity to travel well inexpensively. 






About Me

Hey!!! I'm Erika, a penny-pinching mom filled with laughter. Trying to live the caviar life on a sardine budget. When I'm not chauffeuring my teenage son around town or working, my heart belongs to travel and wine. Well...after bills and when my son is not pleading the blood of Jesus as to why he needs a new video game (Bahahaha).

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