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Thank you for joining the She Travels The Globe Facebook Community, we’re excited you’re here!

This group is a place for Black and Brown women travelers who are new to travel or seasoned travelers. We share travel tips, experiences, ask questions, and most importantly, support one another on our journey to travel this world without breaking the bank.


What is STTG about?

Traveling on a dime. Not literally a dime, but traveling this world without spending thousands.

We scour the internet for travel deals, research, and breakdown the do’s and don’ts of traveling. We are the no girl abort mission, don’t do it, give it to you straight, deal or no deal crew.

Feel free to add other women, who are interested in traveling.

Our goal is to maintain a supportive and positive environment, so we have a few ground rules to help keep this community thriving.

Community Admins:

Erika (Founder/Admin)

Chauntel (Admin)

Shakeidra (Lead the Moderator Team)

Shon (Admin)

Yolanda (Admin)

Community Moderators:

Breon (Moderator)

Eb (Moderator)

Iris (Moderator)

Shonda (Moderator)

Sy (Moderator)

Trice (Moderator)

By being a part of this group you are agreeing to the rules listed below. If you disagree, please remove yourself from the group.



Community Rules & Guidelines


No Men

This community is for women only. Sorry, No men allowed.


Stick To the Topic

This community's purpose is travel. Please do not post religious, political, or anything outside of travel. There are travel related subcategories. For instance, how to save money for travel, etc... Those types of topics are encouraged.


Deletion of a Post  

We reserve the right to delete any post that does not fall within community guidelines. As well as those which meet the community guidelines, but we deem necessary to keep it kosher. 


Don’t Be a Bitch

This is a peaceful community. We all have differences in opinions, but please be mindful of what you say and how you say it. Disrespecting members will not be tolerated on any level. You will be removed and blocked.


Do Not Block Admins/Moderators

We have ways around the infamous blocking. You will be removed and blocked from the community.



There is absolutely NO SOLICITING community members for any products or services. This statement is in regards to a business that you own, a business of someone you may know, or a community you may be a member of. You are welcome to post “finds” and include the link. For example, if you find a passport cover on eBay, Amazon, Walmart, etc... As long as its travel related, please feel free to do so.

  • No selling of any kind.

  • Do not solicit members’ inboxes.

  • No photos displaying other travel groups’ apparel.

  • No nude photos.

  • No sharing of information for any type of personal gain.

  • Please do not post other groups events or group trips.

  • Do do not post links to your blog/vlog, YouTube Channel, Facebook Group, etc…

Business Owners


We would love to help promote and support your business.

On the 5th of every month, a post is created for you to post your business in the comments ONLY. Tell us a little about your business and what services you offer.

Failure to adhere to any of these rules will result in the member being removed and blocked from the group.

Rules may be revised as needed


How to Get the Most Out of This Community


  1. Feel Free To Introduce Yourself (Not Required)

    If you’re new to travel, what you like about travel, or anything you would like to share. It’s not required, but hey, we would love to hear.


  2. Get Involved

    Participate in the group. Post, comment, ask questions, and most of all have fun. Don’t sit in silence. You never know, you might find a travel buddy or meetup with a group member for dinner traveling through a city. A lot of members have.


  3. Use The Search Tool

    Facebook has this cool tool. Where you can search through the group using keywords for prior post. Example “Egypt”


  4. Need Help

    When posting a travel question be clear. Example: Hey can anyone recommend a cheap destination to travel to and things to do? It’s best to add certain aspects, what airport you’re flying out of, places you have already been to and/or booked for, things you like to do, and your budget.

 5. Photos Of?

       STTG love travel photos, but don’t keep us in the dark. Share some insight on your photos.


     What is that a picture of?


     Any helpful tips you can give?

     It does not have to be a novel, but hey I’m enjoying watching the sunrise at Jacksonville Beach.





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Hey!!! I'm Erika, a penny-pinching mom filled with laughter. Trying to live the caviar life on a sardine budget. When I'm not chauffeuring my teenage son around town or working, my heart belongs to travel and wine. Well...after bills and when my son is not pleading the blood of Jesus as to why he needs a new video game (Bahahaha).

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