Passport Movement Initiative 

The Passport Movement Initiative was funded through selfless donations from an amazing group of women from the

She Travels The Globe Facebook Community.


These women believe in empowering and gifting (13) underserved high school students the opportunity to see the world beyond their classroom walls. Passports are valid for 10 years for ages 16 and up. Giving the recipient the opportunity to travel abroad within 10 years of receiving their passport. 


The Passport Movement Initiative is opened to:


  • African-American high school students

  • Grades 11th-12th

  • Ages 16-19

  • US Citizens, living in the United States

  • Qualify to get a U.S. Passport


For more information on how to apply for a U.S. passport and the requirements, CLICK HERE. We highly encourage you to do so. Please pay particular attention to Children (applicants) Age 16-17.

Submission is limited to the first 50 applicants or by the deadline February 5, 2020. 






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 I’m Erika, the founder of a Facebook Travel Community “She Travels The Globe.” An amazing, impactful, positive, and resourceful community of women, who love to travel the world affordably. 


I'm a mom filled with laughter. Trying to live the caviar life on a sardine budget. When I'm not chauffeuring my teenage son or working, my heart belongs to travel and wine. 

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