DIY Trip Planning Checklist

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

Booking a vacation brings a rush, but the planning and organizing can be tedious and overwhelming. Skip tracing through a plethora of information on the internet OMG!!! There is so much information which will cause your brain to crash and burn.

Before you start your research here are some items to include in your planning. This will make your search and planning much easier and less frustrating.


  • Itinerary

  • Create a Budget

  • Customs, Culture & Laws

  • Accommodations (hotel, hostel, airbnb…)

  • Copies of Documents (flights, tickets, passport, ID, accommodations etc…)

  • Passport/Visa

  • Languages Spoken

  • Clinics and Hospitals

  • Travel Insurance

  • Crime, Safety, and Scams

  • Emergency Phone Numbers (police, ambulance etc…)

  • Maps

  • Medications (keep in mind prescribed or over-the-counter can be illegal in some countries)

  • Emergency Plan (for family and friends back home)

  • Currency and Exchange Rates

  • Travel Warnings & Alerts

  • Know where the US Consulate/US Embassy

  • Things to Do & Sights To See

  • Transportation

  • Smart Traveler Enrollment Program

  • Using Your Cell Phone (costs, international plans, Wi-Fi etc…)

  • Credits/Bank Cards (inform your bank/creditor if traveling out of state)

  • Weather

  • Packing Checklist

  • Center For Disease Control and Prevention – Travel Health Warnings and Vaccinations

Happy Travels

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