Travel Groups, Weighing the Costs

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

I'm not trying to deter you from booking group travel, but adding some insight on costs. If it's worth dropping thousands or not, or simply if it's within your financial realm.

This all depends on your finances, budget, and your willingness to learn how to do the legwork yourself. Let me say this, the DIY method can be tedious and time consuming.

So you might rather have someone do the legwork for you, if this isn't your cup tea.

Now, not all travel groups are expensive, some are really worth the price.

But before we hop to it, let me clear the "she tried it" in the group travel organizers throats. I already know what you're saying...

Planning a trip on a large scale requires a lot of time and energy. Hell I'm not doing this for free or on the cheap.

There's a lot in which goes into planning group travel. No doubt, I'm not trying to knock your hustle/business. I'm just giving insight for those of us, who simply can't afford to do so and/or not about that life of kicking out hip replacement prices. We will let you do you, and we will do us.

However, do not get me wrong, organizers should be paid for their services, point blank.

But if you are anything like me. You might be apprehensive about dropping $4K on a trip.

Most folks know when asking me about a group trip price what my response will be…either do a price comparison which is usually my answer or abort mission.

Collect all the data you need from the trip itinerary you're thinking about booking and cross reference by researching.

I can't stress this enough.

Why dump ALL of your money on one trip. WHY????

Is it for the socialization?

Is it not to go alone?

Is it to be in the in crowd?

Or are you just that busy where you don’t have the time to do the research?

Why do you want to share a hotel room with someone for 7 days costing you $4,000? That’s $8,000 total between the two of you. Yes, double occupancy. Then if you do not secure a roommate, a solo traveler supplement will be added. And the solo traveler supplement isn't cheap...$1000+

But Erika...airfare, accommodations, daily breakfast, activities, and transportation are included in the price. And a swag bag and T-Shirt.

Wait a Damn minute…are you going to the Moon?

Airfare include, oh you mean the airfare from JFK, but you live in Houston, TX? An extra out of pocket expense traveling to JFK.

Erika!!! We are staying at the 5 Star Le Chateau Beau Resort (fictional name).

Oh the resort you will barely be in or too far from activities. Is it that pressing to stay in a 5 Star Resort which most of amenities you probably won't be using? Unless you are vacationing solely just to stay in the hotel and aren't interested in the sights.

If all you're doing at that hotel are the 3 S's...Shit, Shower, and Shave, is it worth it? Yes, safety, convenience, and comfort is first, but you know there are other hotels costing waaay less who offer some of the same things.

Breakfast included. A lot of hotels include breakfast in their prices. If not, they will offer it for a few dollars extra.

Oh yeah, by the way, some of those sightseeing activities on the itinerary are free. They gotcha with the persuasive writing. Yeah I know.

Transportation to and from the airport and sightseeing is included. Welp you got me on this one. Hey this is great.

Swag bag & T-Shirt??? Do you really need another bag and shirt?

Oh don’t forget after the $4,000 you paid, but you still need spending money.

Then not all meals are included unless specified.

Did you take note of the FREE day or two you get to roam around and explore on your own? Oh, those activities, transportation, and meals aren't included in the cost.

Then travel insurance, a needed expense isn't included, read the fine print.

By the time you arrive back home. You have spent well over $5,500+

My suggestion is to do your research if you are conscious about your spending. If not, then hey book it and enjoy your trip. It is your money.

I’m just the messenger.


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