3 One-Ways Sealed the Deal

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

My heart is sealed to the deal. October 2018 I happened to be doing my daily perusing of flight prices from my bucket list of destinations.

One destination in particular, Guadalajara, Mexico.

I think what drew me to the country was the architecture. All lies, it really was the “tequila” with the runner-up as the architecture.

As I used my trusty website Google Flights. I found a round trip flight from Chicago, Illinois to Guadalajara, Mexico for $104. My mouth dropped.

Google flights redirected me to Volaris Airlines website to book the deal, but the price increased to $250 round trip. 

However, this prompt me to exit out of Google Flights and go directly to the airline website. There I noticed Volaris was having a $39 one-way sale.

I know what some of you are saying…Volaris!!! Who is this Volaris Harpo. Well I will say this…ion even care. That $39 one-way is the way to my budget heart.

Well I do care, I would like to make it there and back. I did a quick google search on the airline, and of course, a significant number of bad reviews. 

Welp Erika, you found bad reviews for China Eastern Airlines, but you booked it, arrived, and departed Bangkok, Thailand without any issues.

And the same with Spirit Airlines, whom you've flown plenty.

Okay, let me see what this Volaris talking about. Giving myself you can do it pep talk.

I began my search, playing around with dates. It felt endless, searching for Willie Wonka’s Golden one-way $39 flight. Nothing, but $98+. It made me think of Southwest Airlines who is infamous for advertising $59 one-way flights, but where they at tho? LOL!!!. I will keep hope of alive. 

As I was about to give up, BINGO!!! There it was. A one-way flight from Chicago, Illinois to Guadalajara, Mexico on January 16, 2019.

I continued my search in hopes of landing a $39 one-way flight back to Chicago, Illinois, but no Bueno.

Instead, fares prices $150+. Now do not get me wrong, that’s an amazing price, but I get into my, I can do better mode.

I booked the $39 one-way from Chicago, Illinois to Guadalajara, Mexico in hopes of landing another $39 one-way return deal later.

Oh let me add this extra awesomeness as I perused through Volaris website.  Volaris offers.

Hold Your Fare 

Volaris allows you to lock in your fare price for up to 72 hours. If you do not book the fare within 72 hours, it will be cancelled at no charge to you. 

Payment Options 

PayPal, you can purchase your airfare using your PayPal account. Yes, another option outside of using your bank or credit card. 


Several weeks passed, but no change in prices or deal. Hopper suggested I book my return flight ASAP. I love Hopper, but sometimes their fare forecast is off. Well it is a forecast, so Erika behave. You can expect it all. 

A friend of mine happened to mention taking a day trip to Mexico, City. I said hmmm…what a great idea.

I found a one-way flight to Mexico City, Mexico from Guadalajara, Mexico for $33 on January 20, 2019.

Then another one-way flight from Mexico, City back to Chicago, Illinois for $118 on January 21, 2019.


Total $190 for 3 one-way tickets.

MX$685 converted to USD per what was charged per my Paypal statement $33.39. I rounded it to $33. 

MX$2,148 converted to USD per what was charged per my PayPal statement $117.85. I rounded it to $118. 

I thought finding a round trip flight to Cancun, Mexico for $160 was big, but I was able to land 2 cities for $190. Yes, it required a little soul searching, but with research and patience, it’s possible.


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