Jose Cuervo Express: A Magical Train Ride to Tequila

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

Mexico is known for its Tequila and Mariachi music. The state of Jalisco is the birthplace of both, Tequila and Mariachi music, but Guadalajara, Mexico is where it all goes down.

I landed an awesome deal to Guadalajara, Mexico and Mexico City, Mexico by purchasing 3 one-way tickets for $190.

One major tourist attraction I was obsessed with was the Jose Cuervo Express tour to the magical town of Tequila.

A world class tour of Tequila. Yes Tequila!!! It’s not only the name of the town, but it’s the birthplace for my favorite spirit, Tequila.

The Jose Cuervo Express tour is only opened on Saturdays, but every blue moon, they offer the tour on a Sunday. I suggest book ASAP. The tour tends to sellout.

Tour Duration: 11 hours


There are two booking options. You could either book the Dawn on Sunset tour.

  • Dawn (Train/Bus) – take the train in the morning to Tequila and return to Guadalajara by air-conditioned coach bus that evening.

  • Sunset (Bus/Train) – take the air-conditioned coach bus in the morning to Tequila and return to Guadalajara by train that evening.

I recommend you book the Dawn tour if you would like to view the countryside on the way to Tequila. The return home by train will be dark.


Jose Cuervo offers three types of train experiences:

  • Express $2,100 (Mexican Pesos)

  • Premium $2,300 (Mexican Pesos)

  • Premium Plus $2,500 (Mexican Pesos)

If you want to avoid the kiddies…choose either Premium or Premium Plus wagons. The Express is designed more so for families.

Once you book, a receipt will be emailed to you. A few days later, you will be emailed your boarding pass in English and Spanish. It will include your wagon number and seat number. Make sure you print your boarding pass and take it with you to present to the ticket agent.

You can present the electronic verification, but take a printed copy just in case.


  • Round trip from Guadalajara to Tequila.

  • Tour offered in English and Spanish.

  • Visit the agave fields to learn how tequila is grown and harvested.

  • Snacks/Food.

  • All-you-can-drink tequila and cocktails.

  • Lottery game on board.

  • Educational tastings guided by a tequila expert.

  • Tour of the La Rojeña distillery by Jose Cuervo.

  • Traditional toast with one of the premium tequilas.

  • Visit to the Private Cava Family Reserve (Premium Plus Only).

  • Free time to eat and roam the Magical Town of Tequila.

  • Mexican show.

The differences between the three, is one step up luxurious over the other. Offering different quality of snacks/food, drinks, train decor, comfort level, and of course the price.

I booked the Premium for $112 USD w/taxes and fees.


A quick $2 uber ride, I arrived at Ferromex Station where the train departs.

Check-in starts at 8 a.m. and the train departs at 9 a.m. Boarding starts about 20 minutes prior to 9 a.m. Train departs at 9 a.m.

I suggest you arrive by 8 a.m. to check-in and to grab your wristband. In the wait area, you are served Mexican bread, fruit, beverages, and other snacks. It's included with your ticket. You will be tasting tequila and drinking cocktails the entire 2 ½ hours train ride to Tequila, Mexico. I suggest having a few snacks prior to boarding. They do serve snacks and food on the train, but they begin pouring the tequila before the snacks and food hit the table.

Snacks & Beverages Prior to Boarding

Once you board and find your seat, expect the train tour to be mostly in Spanish, but they do repeat the information in English.

As we rode the train to Tequila, one of the ladies I was chatting with at my table, caught my reflection in her photo of me in the Agave fields and airdropped it to me. How sweet.

Reflection of Me in the Agave Fields

On the train, your guide will ask if anyone speaks English, and if you prefer your tour in English or Spanish once you arrive in Tequila Town. From there, you are instructed where to go once you depart the train.

Upon arrival to Tequila Town we were serenaded by a Mariachi Band. Then we were split up into two groups. the English tour and the Spanish tour.

Mariachi Band

First Stop…Amphitheater

  • We learned the history of tequila.

  • How to properly taste tequila.

  • How to tell the difference between good and bad tequila.


We took a tour of the La Rojeña distillery. I enjoyed learning the history of Tequila and how tequila is made.


After the La Rojena distillery tour, we had free time to roam the Magical Town of Tequila filled with restaurants, stores, and more tequila.

Following a couple of hours of free time, everyone met at the Jose Cuervo amphitheater for entertainment.

We then departed back to Guadalajara by air-conditioned coach bus with more rounds of Tequila cocktails, but not before we stopped at the agave fields for a harvesting demonstration, music, food, and more tequila.

Afterwards, we boarded the bus back to Guadalajara on tequila unleaded.

If you haven’t been to Tequila, Mexico. I suggest you do so soon, it’s a helluva good time.


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