The Art of, Leave That "You Extra" Shit at Home

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

There are a plethora of blogs and videos about how to pack for a trip. Whether you’re traveling for a couple of days, a week, or two weeks. Ranging from carry-ons to checked bags. They got you covered, but Sis let’s discuss what you are considering taking on your trip.

I totally understand you want to live your best life on vacation. But, you can’t if you break your ankle, check-in at the local jail, or potentially set yourself up to be robbed. Yeah I know, crime happens everywhere, and you do not have to have a bullseye on your back, but sometimes we place ourselves in these “SITCHEEATIONS.” Knowing damn well, but, the idea of looking cute can sometimes take over our mind.

Below are 7 items you might want to reconsider taking on your trip.


Oh boy, I need everyone to come to the front of the congregation. Absolutely DO NOT take your expensive luggage on your trip, especially if you’re traveling to a third world country, where your $5000 Louis Vuitton luggage set, cost more than one makes in 6 months.

And do not expect special handling when you check your luggage at the airport. All luggage get the same treatment. The “BEAT DOWN.” Well maybe not yours. Your Louis or Ouis may get that undisclosed SSSS screening for quality assurance of them helping themselves to your packed items.

WAIT!!! Erika, back it up? What is an Ouis? Don’t be acting brand new. You know, that $100 knock-off Ouis Buitton luggage set in the back of the swap shop quality knock-off land.

Most professional thieves know real vs fake, but the start-up thieves may not. And believe you me, they are looking for their mark.

Do not make yourself a target. The best thing to do, is ask yourself, what’s the purpose of me taking this? Is it worth getting robbed for the gram?


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. And thieves too. Don’t be flexing those diamond drop earrings and that plunging beautiful diamond cut ring on vacation. Hell any expensive jewelry.

A lot of people think that staying in a hotel means their valuables are safe. No ma’am. Hotels are infamous for thieves? Some of which, contract their friends to come in with the assist (B-Ball Robbery). WHAT!!!

After you’ve given Joe your friendly bellhop all your travel whereabouts and/or he makes a recommendation for the best time to go to this exclusive restaurant down some shady alley. Here comes Joe’s accomplice, Yosemite Sam with the assist. And if Yosemite Sam is anything like these Jack Boys in the states. You will get bodied. Translation: Body Bag.

Now it’s not just about “Thievery Conjunction Junction. What’s Your Function?” But what if you lose your jewelry?

Keep it simple, wear some $5 jewelry which doesn’t draw attention and keep it moving. You can stand to lose $5 vs $1K-$3K. And you want to return home safely from vacation.


​I see you girl!!! But those cobblestone paved streets see your ankles too. Ladies, don’t do it to yourself. It’s not worth the pain and time wasted in someone’s hospital, or a good use of your travel insurance, that’s if you purchased it.

I do not want you to be oohing and ahhing as you walk, and your feet singing…. “Every little step I take. That pain will be there.” In my Bobby Brown voice. Take in consideration where you’re vacationing. Unless you’re planning a photoshoot, leave them.


“Oh, you fancy huh? Oh, you fancy huh? Nails done, hair done, everything did. Nails done, hair done, everything did.” I get it ladies. We want to look our best on vacation. Who doesn’t love a great photo op.

I’m not saying leave your daily skin care routine and makeup bag at home, but what I am saying is scale it down. Keep it simple. Ask yourself. Do I really need to bring along 30 products and why? Pick a few items and work with it.


No ma’am. You do not need 20 outfits for 5 days and 4 nights. Then get mad with Spirit Airlines because they are charging you $500 on that “You Being Extra Luggage."

Why do you believe you need so many clothes? Is it because you’re indecisive as to what you want to wear each day? Erika, what about the weather? What if we go Salsa? What if, what if, what if?

Well, plan for the what if. If you’re going Salsa, it’s okay to pack a universal dress. It’s okay to recycle, reuse, and reduce. It’s okay. Learn to take the pieces you have and remix them. Ewe…I do not wear soiled clothes over. Who said that? Hotels and some Airbnb’s have the ability to laundry your clothes. Bring a laundry pod and make it happen.

As I stated, plan. There is nothing like paying $500 to check clothes that are now worth $200. It’s like paying for them all over again. Then struggling to get two 50 pounds bags up 5 flights of stairs. You know, the cute Airbnb or boutique hotel you booked with no elevator.


This is Susan. Susan packed her lovely $1000 leather jacket she purchased in Milan and checked it at the airport. Don’t be like Susan. She no longer has it. Who has it? Not Susan.

Remember the same applies when returning home, but the opposite. Absolutely DO NOT pack in your checked bag expensive items you purchased on your trip. Instead, expensive items need be on your person. YOU!


Leave that Negative Nancy Debbie Downer Unpleasing Syndrome at home. You’re on vacation. Enjoy it.

And learn to adapt and roll with the vacation no he didn't “Who the F You’re Talking Too,” especially abroad. I’m not saying stand for being disrespected. What I am saying is, “Locked Up and Abroad” is a whole lot different in certain countries than in the states. Take the L boo or catch a jail cell. Choose your battles wisely.


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