Reading is Fundamental in a Basic Economy World

I’m really not sure how many times I have seen social media posts about travelers, who have become highly upset with the airline, because “themselves” did not read the terms and conditions of the fare they booked.

They pull up to the airport on that “Basic Economy Fare” then go into a whole preschool tantrum, about how the airline charged them all these fees on top of their ticket.

Then when they get to their gate, the gate agent is like “nah son.” You have to check that carry on, because it’s over the allowed allowance. Another pot of gold shelled out.

Then their seat was assigned at the gate…thinking in their heads. What kind of backwoods shenanigans is this?

Oh, and do not let them be traveling with family, especially kids.

They opted for Russian Roulette seating.

Now they are mad, asking, and giving passengers the stare down because they chose not to secure advance seating.


Although the airline will try their best to seat you together, it’s not guaranteed.

Oh, and it does not end there. When the flight attendant comes through with the cart, they request a Coke and some Pringles. She expeditiously pulls out her trusty credit card machine. “Ma’am that will be $8.50.”

Now they’re hotter than fish grease, from a self-inflicted wound.

“Bucko” and that’s just the icing on the cake. You will be re-running the airline your coins again on that return flight. “This is Beyond Me.”

Then they go on social media to vent and blast the airline…shouting they will neva fly them again and you shouldn’t either. Why?


After the airline gave them fair warning prior to booking.

“You see this fare right here, it’s Basic Economy with all these restrictions, do you accept?”

Then there are Popups…links….smoke signals…email reminders…whoodie who’s.

I mean, what more do they want the airlines to do?

Then here comes their Crony Fan Club, with, that’s why I only fly….. They give you free chips and dip and a whole can of soda.

Bloop! Then here comes accountability. A simple question from someone. Hey, did you read the terms and conditions of the fare?


Now they big mad, because they feel their intelligence is being tested. Indeed, it may well be. So they come out blasting their executive position in Corporate America and how they are a frequent traveler. Well, they should know better.

Then they sit there on their throne of lies, denying the fact they did not get a popup or email from the airline. Well who got it? You got your receipt and confirmation number didn’t you? (You smoke crack don’t you?)…WAIT!!! My bad, Joe Clark popped into my head.

Hell, I have made mistakes, and I am not exempt from catching accountability of my actions. I take the L, lesson learned, and I move on.

Where some of us go wrong, is that we tend to group airlines together, as their terms and conditions are the same across the board.

Fare types….Basic Economy, Economy, Economy Plus, (depends on the airline’s wording) are different from one another.

Hell, United Airlines Basic Economy is different from Delta’s Basic Economy.

Spirit Airlines has its own culture, the “Bare Fare.”

Then some of us think we can play dumb with the airlines.

Don’t try these airlines. Try lotto. They ain’t for the play play.

But the moral of the story is. Take time to read and understand what the fare entails prior to booking.

Knowing is Half the Battle. G.I. Joe!






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