Travel Tip: Worn Debit/Credit Cards

Before I traveled to Dubai and Cairo I knew my visa debit card was pretty worn out. Although, I brought money and a credit card.

I still decided to travel with the card, despite knowing this. I could have simply went to my bank and got a new one printed. However, I was hardheaded.

I decided to use my debit card while in Dubai at a grocery store. The cashier was having issues with my debit card and the chip and strip was malfunctioning. So I handed the cashier my credit card.

This got me to thinking. What if I lost my credit card, and now I am stuck with a nonworking debit card? I would only have cash on hand, and probably not enough.

I decided the next time I travel. I will make sure my cards are working properly. If not, get new ones.

Yes, it's the little things we have to think of. So do a check on your cards, and make sure they are working properly before your next vacation.





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