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Vanetta Matthews

STTG has had many impacts on the way I desire to travel the world. I have been introduced to destinations I had never heard of. The biggest and most important thing for me will always be the positivity of this community of travelers and the refusal of the Admin group to allow anything else.


This community makes destination anywhere seem possible and affordable. In addition to the countless trip testimonials and photos, Erika is phenominal at building a strong sense of community. This is my most active and engaged FB group even though I'm long overdue for a trip.

Leslie Matthews

Thank you Erika Martin, I appreciate all of the travel tips & deals. Thank you for your blogs and sharing your travel experiences. It is great to be a part of a group of women that enjoy travel as much as I do. I also enjoyed attending the Brunch Around the Globe event for two years and proudly served as a Brunch Ambassador in my area this year.
I appreciate all of the admins & moderators that help Erika to make this group successful, making sure that posts are appropriate and addressing any non- compliance in a professional and friendly way. Thanks to all of the admins and moderators, Shonda Faye, Yolonda Rowe, Sy Chaney, Chauntel McNair, Shakeidra Autry Taylor, Iris Anderson, and Shon Key.

I am looking forward to many more travels in 2020. I pray for many blessings and travels for everyone in the group for 2020.


When I joined this group I had no idea that I would form the relationships that I have now with these ladies. STTG is wonderful display of how sisterhood works!! You have the opportunity to share your knowledge and experiences and you can learn from others as well. Erika and her crew are great leaders and Erika is very fair( I'm still coming to brunch) lol!! This is my comfort zone and place of travel zen.


She travels the globe has inspired me to live my actual best life. The group has taught me not to remain stagnant in life and that there is more in this world then just the city I live in. The group is inspiring and even sometimes without moving from the comfort of your own bedroom it gives us the opportunity to live vicariously through others' travel. The group is always positive and with any question asked its always answered with open knowledge and loads of information for the person who's asking to help with knowledge for their upcoming trips or trips. She travels the globe and their search bar is always my go to first about any destination in mind and will always be.


I found a blog post written by Erika Martin which led me to follow the group STTG. I am extremely happy with this group and how it is run. There is no rude, degrading brow beating from strangers! It’s not tolerated which is great considering some people are really new to traveling. I love to getaway and like most of us I have responsibilities so traveling on a budget is perfect! Whenever, I think about getting away I will search the group to check for specials that the divas post and then research all the tips and ins and out of a location. Ive also met some wonderful women that I look forward to taking more fun photos in various locations around the world with! On a final note I’ve had so many positive, fin filled vacations because of STTG that my travel bae ask on a regular where we going next. Erika, keep up the AWESOME job!


Because of Erika’s posts about Airbnb, they have become my preferred method of lodging when traveling! She gives practical, easy to follow advice on traveling. She is very knowledgeable and has such a great personality!!


This lady has done some amazing things and gives great advice when it comes to traveling; especially for women! Because of her I decided to renew my passport and rediscover my love for traveling! She shows you how to do it on a budget and you can end up in some of the most beautiful places on earth for a fraction of the cost!!!! She’s now sharing her knowledge on a wider platform and I can’t wait to see where she goes from here!


I enjoy travelling and I love the STTG community. It offers valuable ideas and resources for in expensive women travelers. It's a sisterhood of travelers. The community encourages women to live their best traveling life even if we have to do it solo. I'm so grateful for Erica.


I love to travel, and She Travels the Globe has expanded the way I book my trips. The women is Erika’s group share a variety of travel tips to include how to book low fares, travel safety for women, and my huge take away, how to travel by deals not destinations. That opened up my travel experiences. The group teaches that a good travel experience does not have to expensive, you learn how to research and choose deals that fit your style and budget. Thanks to them, I will experience an adventure throughout Europe that allows me to see more than one destination at a time. Prior to this group, I would not have considered one way tickets. The world awaits, thanks STTG!

Tiffany Joyner

I love the She travels the globe community. It's a platform that has like minded women that share openly their own traveling experiences . I can post a travel question and several suggestions from someone personally account of what happened with them. I've learned that there are many different ways of find inexpensive flights any where you want to go and that I'm not the only one that travels solo!💗💗💗💗

Yolonda Rowe

I adore the group She Travels The Globe and it's founder, Ms. Erika Martin. It's my go to resource when I am planning a trip. The group and its members have given me the encouragement, knowledge and confidence to initiate my international solo travels. This group offers so much information on how to travel on a dime and not break the bank. It also introduces you to other women who offer great resources such as how to
get your finances in order and still travel. I am so honored to be a part of STTG.

Latoya Ray- Nix

This is by far my most favorite group on Facebook. Through this group I have learned to travel not by destinations but by deals. This is such a positive group with the same desire to travel. While others are “living there best life” we are out here balling on a budget. “She Travels The Globe” is the next Expedia or Trip Advisor. Thanks Erica for your vison.

Latoya Ray- Nix

“She Travels The Globe” is by far my favorite group on Facebook. With this group I have learned to travel not by destinations but by deals. This is such a positive group of individuals who all have the same desire. Traveling is what we do and for most of us it’s who we are.


I’ve been apart of She Travels the globe since the beginning. It is truly a place where travelers can come together and discuss with like minded individuals about how to see the world on a budget. When Erika Martin says “you don’t need to be rich to travel”, trust her (she can definitely show you how it’s done). Besides the traveling aspect, this group is full of laughs and is like a sisterhood. I’m thankful to be apart of She Travels The Globe.

Michele J

I am so thankful for “She Travels The Globe.” The community is all about travel by deals, and I have scored several extremely well priced trips just by watching the activity of the group. More than the deals and tips though, is the sense of sisterhood and a great willingness to help each other out. By far the best Facebook group I am a part of

Shawn E. Gilleylen

She Travels The Globe is full of tips to make travel or your dream vacation an affordable reality. I enjoy the cameraderie and willingness of the Ladies to share valuable resources, inisght, and efficient ways to travel. Erika Martin is a pro at traveling on a budget in style. She's created a dynamic, supportive forum to educate, enlighten, and inspire women to explore, step of their comfort zones, and travel the globe. I've learned how to travel to multiple cities for the price of one, travel by deals, and subscribe to the best travel websites and apps. Women empowering women. STTG is one of the best groups and I'm proud to be a member.


I am so happy to have come across this Facebook group, She travels the Globe! It has inspired and encouraged me to travel more and abroad! Thanks for all the tips and no-nonsense advice when it comes to traveling. #SheTravelsTheGlobeRocks 🙌🏾

Kendra C.

I'm proud to say that I have been a member of She Travels The Globe from the beginning. And I am so grateful for our founder Erika. Thank you for operating in your gift. You have such a sweet spirit and have truly set the tone for the group. Our admins are the best. You ladies rock! I have been inspired to explore places that I've only read about because of this group. STTG is full of amazing, intelligent women who choose to live! We are a family. Educating, Celebrating, Encouraging, Loving and Hilarious sisterhood. Leaving our footprints around the Globe. I will always be a member of She Travels The Globe!❤


She Travels The Globe.... Perfect name for an amazing group!! I honestly do not remember when I joined this group, but I am so glad I did. Being able to share deals regarding trips and giving each other support is awesome. "Brunch Around the Globe" is a great experience. I'm very happy and thankful to be apart of a wonderful group. Thank you, Erika and all of the admins that continue to do an excellent job.


I must say that She Travels The World has been the best travel group ever. The sisterhood within the group has been amazing with no drama. The interaction, participation ,travel tips, deal and destination suggestions have been great. I look forward to meeting more of my travel sisters in the future.<3


I found this group when I wanted to re-start my travel adventures. I really do love the whole vibe of the group. I love how Erika shares great tips with us and even gives great reviews on places she has traveled to, stayed at,etc. The ladies have a broad knowledge base of traveling, tips, links, websites etc to help you on your way. She Travels The Globe is one of my favorite travel groups on Facebook. And her catch phrase "book the deal, worry about the destination/details later" definitely holds value and truth to it! I started thinking about how many places I can travel to based on deals alone! Kudos to you Erika and I can't wait to learn more from you and the ladies of STTG!

Dee-Dee Webb

I cannot tell you how much STTG has helped me and given me the courage to travel outside of my comfort zone. I used to think I was a "traveler", but after becoming a "fan" of STTG not only have I found my travel guru in Erika, but I found a kinship with other like-minded travelers. Erika leads by example and provides the best tips, funniest commentary and encourages you to get out of your own way and just travel. Thank you Erika

Narkisha Pollard

I came across Erika in another travel group where she was sharing travel tips and deals, and the group admins didn’t seem to appreciate her sharing the deals, as they were a travel agency. I don’t know if this is what prompted her to start her own page, but whatever the case, I’m glad she did! She has created a sisterhood of traveling women that will inspire you to see the world!


I’ve been able to utilize many tips from the Founder Erika and others to travel to some amazing destinations like Easter Island (Chile), Colombia, Thailand and too many others to name. I love that STTG’s tips can be applied to different traveling profiles. The tips are essential for everyone—the first-timer to the seasoned traveler. Erika is teaching everyone how to “travel by deals, not destination.” This is a great philosophy to ensure you don’t miss an opportunity to see a beautiful destination. Many Thanks to Erika for founding STTG!

Kalina Acevedo

Let me count the ways.... avid lover of travel but didn't feel I had the resources to do all the great things in my mind. After finding this group I have been inspired to blog, travel to places I wouldn't have ordinarily thought of. I have found resources beyond my imagination and become fb group besties. I love the drama free -ness of the group and just all the information. It inspires me to start my own group, and business as well. I love everything about this group!!! Erika you have started an awesome group and I'm excited to continue to learn from you and the group!!

Sy Chaney

I can't remember how I found the group but I am glad I found it. This group is like Family. I have received some valuable travel information from this group. I have attended the STTG Brunches and gained new friends. Erika is a great resource for traveling and have no problem sharing unlike other groups. I always search this group or save post from this group to refer back when I travel. Thanks Erika for creating this group as I feel it is more of a sisterhood.


Joining the "She Travels The Globe" family was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The tips and tricks that I have learned in enhancing my travel experiences, has been invaluable! Erika is a dynamic go-getter with great organizational skills, and a sharp witted sense of humor! What sets this group apart and above is their sense of sisterhood and support. I'm by nature a loner, but the down to earth, friendly, and informative atmosphere honed by Erika in the group, has made me a fan!

Nola Chick

I love the sisterhood of She Travel's the Globe. So many groups focus on the the negative and/or cultivate a petty environment. What sets She Travel's the Globe a part is it's a true sisterhood of ladies wanting to help another reach their travel goals. Each one Teach One is a true concept for this group and I am blessed to be a member.


I love this group. The ladies are supportive and don’t mind sharing great finds with the other ladies. The love of travel is evident but traveling at a bargain is priceless! If you want to “learn” how to travel, pack, research etc this is the group for you! Erika is amazing. Very knowledgeable and travel saavy. Love her energy!!

Shon Key

She Travels The Globe is a resource for all things travel related. I’ve learned research is the key to finding the best deals!! Having patience to research is Key!! I’ve met some Amazing Ladies including the Amazing creator of the group Erika Martin!!
STTG keeps coins in your pocket!! This group is truly Ballers on a Budget!!


Being a part of She Travels The Globe is like being with family. My outlook on travel has totally changed. I’ve learned that I can still go to amazing destinations and not break the bank. The bonds I’ve made with ladies I’ve never physically met is AMAZING. By far the most helpful group out.


She Travels The Globe is everything. I search this group first before booking any trips. It is absolutely my goto for travel information. Her informative posts really give me some great tips to help me keep my coins in my pocket. As a single mother it means alot to me to be able to give my child a way to see the world without breaking the bank. I'm just so glad this group was created. Erika drops gems constantly and is very transparent about her own travels.


I don't even know how I found the group, but I'm happy I did. I've received so many travel tips that have helped my pocket tremendously! Not to mention the relationships I've made. I hosted the Atlanta brunch last year and met six new friends. When I went to Dubai, I met Erika and a host of others. I'm excited about my future travels and the potential for new friends.


This community and it's owner, Erika have been a great resource for traveling on a budget. Why should we not travel, when it doesn't have to be expensive. I plan to see as much of the world for as little as possible. This is one of my favorite go to resources for ideas and great information.





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